Dear participants in the Open Doors International Olympiad conducted by the "Global Universities" Association, welcome to the
Novosibirsk State University site.
Winning the Olympiad makes it possible for talented students from foreign countries to enroll in Russian university Master's and PhD programs without entrance examinations and to study for free
(paid for by the Russian Federation government).
NSU is the coordinator of the Olympiads for "Economics and econometrics",
"Neuroscience and Psychology" and "Biology and biotechnology".
What's in it for you?
Early admission and tuition-free education on a Master's and PHD program of your choice at one of the top universities in Russia
Who can participate?
Foreign citizens;
Stateless people;
Russian citizens who live abroad;
who already have a Bachelor's or Мaster's degree or are completing their Bachelor's or Мaster's education in 2023
In what languages will the Olympiads be conducted?
Olympiads will be conducted in Russian and English
The Olympiad has two stages for Master's degree and three stages for PhD, both are conducted on-line

Qualifying round
September, 15 - Decеmber, 2022

Everyone is invited to participate in the qualifying stage.
The first (qualifying) stage format is a portfolio competition.
Final round
January, 2023

The second (final for Master's degree) stage format consists of solving Olympiad problems.
Interviews with potential academic advisors
February - March, 2023

The third step is only for PhD applicants.
Your chance for early admission to a tuition-free Master's or PhD program at one of the leading universities in Russia

Be accepted at a Novosibirsk State University Master's or PhD Program before the start of the regular admissions campaign!
Akim Guerreiro

Program: Oil and Gas Management
Country: Portugal

I have studied both in Western European and American universities for my Bachelor' degree; for the Master's program, I wanted to study in another region of the world. My choice, very logically, was Russia. I wanted to combine two of my passions, Geology and Economics (Russia is well known for Oil & Gas and its very specific Geology), and if possible in English with a course on Russian as a Foreign Language. The only Master's Program I found in Russia matching my dream was the Oil and Gas Management Master's at the NSU Economics Faculty. I am often asked, "Oh my, isn't there a big difference with Western Europe and the U.S.?" I answer, "There is a difference, but the quality isn't any lower". So far, it is one of the richest years in my life in terms of academic knowledge, discovering new educational methods & systems and also in terms of cultural and social differences. The differences are sometimes wide, it is true. But what I learned here more than anywhere is that differences are very beneficial because you learn how to adapt, and it broadens your mind and your spirit. Nothing in the world would make me regret this choice to involve myself into this new life project, studying in NSU and living in a little, warm, scientific town, truly the heart of knowledge in Siberia, Akademgorodok".
Mubaraq Sadiq Abubakar

Program: General Medicine
Country: Нигерия

I am a proud citizen of my country Nigeria and came from a family of 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls. Since childhood I've been passionate about a future career in medicine which is the reason why I am here in Russia, to fulfill my ambition. I heard about Russia from different people in my country and I always wanted to be here someday.
It is a great opportunity that not everyone is privileged to have - to be at NSU. When I started studying at NSU I was a bit lazy at first but after a while, I got into the habit of regular reading and hard work, this is the impact that NSU has made in my life.
Marine Deheuvels

Program: Field Trip
Country: France

I participated in the geology field training in the Altai to make progress in Russian, to acquire some professional vocabulary, and to learn more about the geology of these Mountains.
During the two weeks in the middle of mountain ranges, in a magical environment, my expectations were exceeded! The recent finds (the Quaternary period) indicate a very different geological history than the Alps. Knowing this will allow me to pause and remain critical when studying other rock outcrops that I will probably encounter in the future during my research.
I was greeted very well as soon as I arrived at Novosibirsk airport, and accompanied for the administrative formalities. The professors and students were very friendly, patient and ready to discuss many different subjects. So, one can learn a lot about geology, but also about culture, the Siberian point of view, current and old ways of life.
In summary, I loved it and I recommend it!
About Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk, one of the fastest growing cities in the country, is the cultural and economic center of Siberia and a major transportation hub. Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russia with more than 80 nationalities living here.

Novosibirsk is in the top 100 best student cities according to the QS 2017 ratings. Novosibirsk is the unofficial capital of Siberia and a Russian scientific center.
The Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is located here along with 35 research institutes, Novosibirsk State University (the #2 university in Russia in QS international ratings) which prepares highly qualified specialists working in domestic and international scientific organizations. In Novosibirsk, you can get a quality higher education with a relatively low tuition and cost of living.

As a center for cultural life, Novosibirsk is home to more than 20 theatres and studios within its 500 square kilometers.
Winners and runners-up
Winners and runners-up are the participants who passed the two (three for PhD) stages of the Olympiad with a total point score that places them in the range of from 5% to 25% of the top of the score ranking list.
The Olympiad winners will be admitted to the university free of charge and without exams, awardees can receive 20% discount on tuition for the selected program.
Master's degree
Economics and econometrics
(NSU is Olympiad Coordinator)
Chemistry and Materials Science
Business and Management
Other Olympiad
Scientific advisers
Chemistry and Materials Science
Biology and biotechnology
Physical sciences
Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
Life Sciences
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