International Medical
International Medical
What is the Medical Tournament?
International Medical Tournament is an innovative medical education project targeted at developing the professional skills of future doctors.
It is a challenging team competition that includes solving complex diagnostic problems from real clinical practice, presenting and discussing solutions with students and experts.
The main goal of the competition is training students for their future medical careers, including the development of critical thinking in the diagnostic process, working in a team, and improving presentation and rhetorical skills.
The Tournament promotes international contacts among students and universities and spreads medical knowledge around the world.
The idea of holding a medical tournament belongs to the students of Novosibirsk State University, where the Intramural Stage of the competition takes place.
In 2017, the International Medical Tournament was attended by

III International Medical

All the issues are based on real life cases involving patients that were treated by our experts. It is very important to understand that there is not only one solution. We do not know the correct diagnoses; the experts do not know the correct diagnoses so the challenge is to prove your solution. Maybe your diagnosis will be right.
We evaluate your ability to see the complexity of the case in its entirety and based on that, to take the appropriate action. Case assignments are given to participants a month before the tournament begins so you have time to scrutinize it. Once again, the tournament goal is not to evaluate your knowledge but to assess how you think and make decisions.
Real life issues and cases
We do not evaluate your knowledge, we evaluate your analytical abilities
The project is based on four main principles:
There is lots of different information these days and yet, we focus only on our specific fields. We need to remember we do not cure a disease, but a patient. The more knowledge we have, the more important teamwork becomes. It is no secret that the latest trend in the healthcare world is the development of multidisciplinary teams. These teams include specialists from different fields who work together to treat a patient.
It is very important to get your message across and also to hear the feedback. It is essential to understand that we can all be wrong, and that even if you are right, you need to be able to use effective arguments to communicate your thoughts to others.
Ability to cooperate not only with your teammates, but with your opponents
Who are the Tournament participants?
Every year about a hundred highly motivated and skilled medical students come to Novosibirsk to discuss difficult clinical cases, solve medical problems, and test their knowledge in a debate format.
Teams of young, bright future doctors currently studying at medical universities (4-6 years) or students taking a relevant postgraduate course can take part in the tournament.
Thank you very much for this great event. It was beneficial in terms of medical education and the program was well organized and interesting!
Emin Gültekin
student, Berlin, Germany
The Tournament is excellent. It is a great concept and provides a wonderful opportunity for learning. The social program and being surrounded with colleagues from different Universities is both fun and useful...
The competition overall is great and I wish you the best of luck. We learned so much and are so grateful that we had the opportunity to participate in it.

Marija Topalovic
student, Niš, Serbia
It was the first time the University of Belgrade participated in the International Medical Tournament. As a participant in this Tournament, I have to say it was an amazing experience for me and my team. We learned a lot during the resolution of the cases and during discussions with other teams. The Tournament organization and social program were perfect. Also, it was our first time in Russia, and we were thrilled by the hospitality and kindness of our Russian colleagues. I recommend that everybody take part in this tournament.
Vladimir Gluhović
student, Serbia, Belgrade
The tournament was an unforgettable experience. The thrill of competing, the new and unknown environment of Siberia, and the lovely people made it a very memorable event. I'm already looking forward to next year's Tournament.
Nadja Kutschke
student, Germany, Berlin
How to participate?
International Medical Tournament comprises of two leagues – Russian league (Russian working language) and International league (English working language).
The tournament has two stages: An Extramural Stage and Intramural Stage. The extramural stage consists of extramural solving of 2 qualifying cases. Only 12 teams with highest qualifying stage's scores of each league attends Intramural stage. The intramural stage includes 2 competitive days, in each of 2 circles
Extramural stage
November 1, 2017 - February 11, 2018
Find a team of 4-5 people
Apply for participation in the Extramural Stage
Send solutions to two clinical cases
Registration has not yet started
Intramural stage
April 20-23, 2018
Pass to the final stage
Apply for participation in the Extramural Stage
Come to Novosibirsk State University for the V International Medical Tournament!
The Tournament experts
The Tournament experts evaluate Participation of teams in the Extramural and Intramural stage. The Tournament experts are highly qualified professional doctors representing different specialties andcountries.
The experts prepare the Tournament tasks by identifying the most difficult cases from their own practices. During the Tournament, they assess the team's solutions, discuss possible approaches to patient management, and share their knowledge with the students.
Each team can recommend an expert to the Tournament!
I was invited to International Medical tournament and I feel to be fortunate and privileged to be invited and I have enjoyed every bit of it.
First of all – tournament itself was exceptionally well implemented. My expectations were already high based on the reputation of the University, but organizers managed to surpass it.
Second – the level of knowledge and enthusiasms amongst participants was very high. Students have really put in their heart and soul in taking care of every virtual patients presented as challenges there. I think this tournament is a great model to be implemented in many other parts of the world to enrich the educational experience of many more medical students.
Third – It offered quite diverse culture experience and demonstrated how the art and science of medicine has a common language for doctors and medical students from different countries. It provided unique opportunities of networking with future physicians from different parts of the world, that is becoming increasingly valuable with current globalization trends.
And last but not the least – city of Novosibirsk offers a unique Siberian experience – it is far away from the capital, yet it is a large enough city to find interesting activities for all kinds of people and mingle with locals with a large endemic cultural heritage.
Davit Mrelashvili,
University of South Carolina
Expert organizations — 2017
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